Internal and Inventory Audit Services in India

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Auditing Services

Auditing services assist businesses in ensuring that their accounting records accurately reflect the transactions they have done. Auditing services help businesses create compliant financial statements and communicate with banks, investors/shareholders, and other financial partners about the health of their finances. Auditing services are most typically used in the finance and accounting divisions of businesses. Auditing services are frequently reinforced by financial counseling firms, accounting firms, and tax preparation firms.

A service provider must meet the following requirements to be included in the Auditing Services category:

  • Analyze expected or unexpected differences in account balances or categories of transactions.

  • Communicate with management to learn about the business, its operations, financial reporting, and any known fraud or mistake.

  • Verify other accounts and receivables with a third party.

  • Create compliant financial statements and maintain open lines of communication with banks, shareholders and investors, among other financial partners.