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Online TDS Return filing

Online TDS Return Filing

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TDS Return Filing

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) return is to be furnished by an assessee who is liable to deduct TDS. TDS Return can be filed online at e-filing portal or offline at TDS Facilitation center. TDS Return is to be furnished on a quarterly basis, thus in aggregate, a deductor has to file 4 TDS returns in a year.

TAX Deductor must have a valid TAN for deducting and filing TDS returns. Usually, TDS is required to be deducted on payments of Salary, Commission, Brokerage, Rent, Contract Payments, Professional Fees and so on, considering the limit as specified under the Income Tax Act. A deductor is required to pay TDS on monthly basis on specified due dates i.e for April to February due date of payment is 7th of each succeeding month and for the month of March due date of payment is  30th April.

TDS Return is to be furnished in Form 24Q (for TDS on Salary), Form 27Q (for TDS on Payment to NRI or to Foreign entities), and FORM 26Q (for all other cases like payment to Professionals, Contractors, Rent etc).

After filing TDS Return, A deductor is required to generate a TDS Certificate in FORM 16 (for Salary) and FORM16A (all other cases). At iDeal ConsulTax, we can help you to file default free TDS return on a timely basis. Filing TDS Return on regular basis is must to avoid penalty and interest on late Filings.

Point to be noted


TDS Return must be filed on quarterly basis by following due dates:

Quarter 1 (Apr - Jun) : by 31st July

Quarter 2 (Jul - Sept) : by 31st August

Quarter 3 (Oct - Dec) : by 31st January

Quarter 4 (Jan - Mar) : by 31st May


Non-filing of TDS Return within due dates attract penalty at Rs.200/day for the defaulting period.


Payment of TDS shall not be Confused with the TDS return filing. TDS is required to be paid on a monthly basis however, return is to be furnished on a quarterly basis. Due date for payment of TDS:

For the month of April to February: 7th of every succeeding month

For the month of March: 30th April


TDS Return must be furnished in following forms based on type and nature of deductee:

24Q - for TDS on Salary

26Q - for other than Salary

27Q - Payment made to Non Resident

Not having TAN? Get your TAN now

Liable to deduct TDS? you must have a TAN for deducting TDS, paying TDS and issuing Form 16 (TDS Certificate). Non-deduction of TDS amounts to disallowance of expenses under Income Tax to a certain extent which results in higher Tax Liability and also penalty and interest would be levied on non-deduction and non-payment of TDS. So, get your TAN now, very quick and easy.  

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